Monday, October 3, 2016




You're a goddess, Goddess
And I don't know how to tell you,
When I'm in the room with you,
I have to pretend that
I don't look at you the way
I do, but I do.
And I want you,
And I lust you,
And I dream you,
And I fuck you.

In reality, I walk beside you,
I laugh with you,
I keep quiet,
I tell my libido
To stop its crying because
this is all we get.
Friendship and a kiss on the cheek.
Smiling and being sweet,
when all I want is to open those
thighs and spread myself like butter
on the silky honey of your skin.

But I'm a good girl. It's true.
Nothing raw. Everything cooked.
Always polite, don't talk back unless
I'm mad. That's how it will be and I'll
get out of here, before you
notice that my eyes are not
your friends, but the fierce
reflectors of my desire, that
camp outside the fire
that's inside of me for you still.

©2016 Cassandra Huidobro

About the Physical


About the Physical

I saw you.
Your heels went: “click, click”
And I turned.
It was you.
I saw your legs,
I saw your thighs
And my mind knew,
Without seeing your face
It was you.

I got to your chest,
And I remembered those nights.
It was you.
I didn’t need to see your face.
There was no getting away,
My brain didn’t forget
Those times of desire and flesh.

I got to your face.
Flawless makeup,
Perfect eyes,
Perfect profile.

My heart went haywire
And I froze.
I broke all over again.
My mouth didn’t know what to say,
And I wondered if I could go back
To those days,
Where I became so hurt
And had to walk away.

I would never ask you,
I know we’re far away.
But my mind is a disaster
Thinking in past tense
Of the present we didn’t get to forget.
And it hurts.

I got to work and I cried.
Nine months, I told a friend,
And my tears still roll
For the woman who broke my heart
And was supposed to be my wife.

©2016 Cassandra Huidobro




I see you look at me
Like the toy you never had when you were a little kid
I see you staring at my lips and looking at my hands.

I look up and you bite your lip
I know what you want
And I know how to give it to you.

But don't worry, mami.
Nothing's going to happen
between you and I,
I'm not a cheater, even if you are.

Go home to your husband or whoever you have
I don't trust you
and I wouldn't want to anyhow

You look good
You did well tonight
My fingers desire to travel
the excess of your sweat
I can feel you getting close
I can tell you’re getting moist
But don't you worry, mami
I won't take you to heaven tonight

Maybe read a book or two on how to
rekindle the flame
But don't use me. I'm not a toy although
I would toy around with you,
but that ring tells me
that you entered into
something sacred
and I wouldn't want it done to me.

And although I can already hear you scream
And although I can already feel your skin
And although I can already taste your inner being
Please, go home. Or go home with someone else,
but not me.

©2016 Cassandra Huidobro

How painful is the night


How painful is the night
On this painful night
of the deepest stars,
my tears won't stop
thinking about my fears,
and the easy mind
becomes a wreck of vivid emotions
with memories
and the mistakes of our time

Oh! How painful is the night,
either laying with a stranger who bares your soul,
or with you, empty and still.
My tears flow without knowing
the future
and I trust the good Lord
and the source of life
that joy will enter my heart again
on this painful night

I tell you I miss you
but there's a void on the other side

My choice was simple but strong
and now the pain of this hurtful night
tells me I'm human and that I miss you
with all of my soul

How painful is this night
How painful is this night

You're too far gone
somewhere I don't belong
and I can't bring you back
until you try it on your own,
but how painful it is to know
I can't help you at all

How painful is this night
How painful is this night
How painful is tonight

©2016 Cassandra Huidobro

In these arms


In these arms

In these arms you'll say I do
In these arms you'll explain to me
that our love
Is the best thing in the world
and that no one before me
has gotten so close

And these arms
only beg you
to stay by my side
There's no chance
in this world
That surrounds our love
that these arms
Will part from you

When I saw you
I knew you were special
But I didn't know you'd be
The biggest part of me
and now I see us only together
for the rest of this life
and of course the next

Sometimes trouble happens, it's true.
But don't be fooled, my love
these arms are strong
these arms hold on
And you, stay by my side.
Stay and you'll see
that these arm were meant to bring
happiness to only one human being.
The one who stares back at me.

I know, life throws us curves
But my roots are in your heart
And I refuse to tear myself appart
from your side.

Take my hands, take my arms
Let's do this
One step at a time.
You're my love
My only one.
I don't want to start anew
I only want to be with you.

©2015 Cassandra Huidobro

I thought it was you


I thought it was you

Your record is clean
you were never a cheat
and I walk away without
tainting your name

But I thought it was you
I thought it was you

I thought you were the one,
Who'd come running to my side
Anytime life went wrong
Any time life was right

In times of distress
In times of peace

But now the sorrow of my heart
Tells me to leave it be

But I thought it was you

The one who'd walk down the isle
The one that I'd cherish forever

I thought it was you

But I saw you with him
And I knew.
I just knew that my dreams
Were not quite as they seemed.
I knew that you wanted
To be next to him.

You had to say nothing
Your face said it all
You were smiling so big
When you gave him your arm

Nothing had to happen
I'd seen it before
But this time I knew
It was best if I'd go.

I thought it was you
I thought it was you

I will find a woman
Who'll be by my side
I will find that angel
to look in my eye and say:

I knew it was you
From the moment I saw you.
I knew it was you
You'll have no more sorrow.
Our problems, we'll solve,
For better of worse,
I bow to you now,
No more kisses goodbye.

I knew it was you.

©2015 Cassandra Huidobro